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Today River Valley can be seen on WPME-TV, every Sunday morning at 10 am and every Saturday night at 11:30 pm, and on WPXT-TV Saturday mornings at 6:30 am

(WPME-TV is found on Channel 3 Time Warner Cable in western and central Maine, channel 17 Time Warner in Portland and southern Maine, Channel 35 Dish and Direct, Channel 35.1 or 35.2 over the air; WPXT-TV can be found at channel 12 Time Warner in central and western Maine, channel 51 Dish and Direct.)

Here's the October, 2017 edition of Today River Valley

In this edition:

~  The story of how a Rumford man managed to bring the cast and crew of an independent horror movie to film in Rumford, Rangeley and Andover.  The movie, "Among Us" is now among the most popular horror films this year.  

~   Daily bus service between Auburn and Portland has begun  If it attracts passengers and succeeds, it could the be forerunner of improved public transportation for all of western Maine.  If it fails, however, it could show that the area  may not be capable of supporting public transportation.  So far, officials are confident it will work out.

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Here's the December, 2016 edition, the final edition, of Talking Points.  Talking Points has been discontinued at this time.

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