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The video newsmagazine for the towns of the upper Androscoggin River Valley

Here are the current editions of Today River Valley and talking points

We now have two programs: the original Today River Valley, and a new panel discussion show, Talking Points

The shows can be seen on WPME-TV, every Sunday morning at 10 am and every Saturday night at 11:30 pm

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Here's the December, 2016 edition of Today River Valley

In this edition:

* In this edition: a look at the skill and effort needed to make a good wilderness hiking trail.  

* Poinsettias are the most popular holiday plant and come originally from Mexico.  But they're grown right here. Watch to find out where

* Finally, a look at the tradition of free horse and carriage rides each holiday season in Bethel, Maine.

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Here's the December, 2016 edition of Talking Points:

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